ANTH 325 : Inequality, Repression, and Resistance in Central America

Central America is often known as a region of rich cultural heritage but also carries a legacy of vast inequalities and forms of violent repression and rebellion. The purpose of this course is to understand the cultural, political, and economic factors that have led to this particular situation. We begin by looking at the process of conquest and colonization in shaping new societies and social structures, then explore the socio-economic processes that set the stage for many of the conflicts and problems that Central America faces today, and finally, we explore the current situation in Central America as it relates to changing ideas about gender and the role of women, racism and race mixing, immigration and exile, and forms of violence caused by more than 30 years of civil war and economic upheaval. Same as: INTS 325.


INTS130 or ANTH100.



Social and Behavioral Sciences Concentration