The Process

Faculty members should provide the student with a written account of the offense and the sanction. Faculty members should also report cases of academic dishonesty to the Office of the Dean of Students (undergraduate)/Dean of the Graduate

School (graduate), including an indication of the sanction levied (this could be a copy of the letter sent to the student).

The Dean of Students (undergraduate)/Dean of the Graduate School (graduate) will monitor academic dishonesty infractions in the context of a student’s entire record of misconduct at the university. When appropriate, the Dean of Students (undergraduate)/Dean of the Graduate School (graduate) will activate a hearing process wherein the sanctions of suspension or expulsion from the University may be levied. These cases are heard by the Deans Committee consisting of the Dean of Students and the Dean of Faculty (undergraduate)/Dean of the Graduate School and Director of the MA Program (graduate).

Whether undergraduate or graduate, the Deans Committee does not reconsider the grade sanction which may have been levied at an earlier stage. It only considers whether additional sanctions are in order, and does not confine consideration to the case of academic dishonesty. Rather, it considers the entire record of misconduct of the student at the college which is compiled in the Dean of Students Office (undergraduate)/Dean of the Graduate School (graduate).