CHEM 150 : Foundations of Chemistry

This course is an introduction to general chemistry with an emphasis on developing problem solving skills for students planning a professional career in science, engineering, and medical fields. We will explore basic concepts of chemistry along with the mathematics required for quantitative problem solving. The topics include elements and compounds, chemical calculations, atomic structure, bonding, stoichiometry, chemical equations, reactions in aqueous solutions, oxidation-reduction, energy and chemical changes, quantum mechanical atom, chemical equilibrium, and acids & bases & buffers. To improve student learning outcome the laboratory section of this course will follow a research project -based learning strategy. Each project will include identifying a problem, literature search to locate an appropriate synthesis method, design experimental procedure, synthesis and characterization, analysis and reporting data. Prevents co- or later enrollment in CHEM 112 and CHEM 115. Intended for Life Sciences concentrators and those planning to pursue post-graduate science or health programs.


Instructor consent.


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Science and Mathematics Program