Music Ensembles

The Creative Arts Area also offers a wide range of Music Ensemble courses (MUSICENS in the catalog and schedule.) Music ensemble courses at SUA provide instruction and performance opportunities for student musicians, ranging from chamber groups to jazz groups to larger instrumental or vocal ensembles. In addition to receiving individual and/or group instruction, developing fundamental skills, and preparing for performance, students will gain knowledge of the appropriate literature. A placement audition is required, but students of any level of performing ability may participate in at least one of these courses. These courses (which include musicianship, instrumental and vocal instruction and various performing ensembles) DO NOT satisfy the CA requirement. Most are offered on both beginning and more advanced levels. Students are allowed to take up to seven 1-credit ensemble courses for credit towards graduation (essentially one per semester on campus) with the following conditions:

  1. The first three are designated P/NP without counting against the P/NP limit. Any courses taken beyond the third one must be taken for a letter grade.
  2. Before taking his/her 4th ensemble course or any advanced level course (typically at the end of the sophomore year), a student will be required to meet with and audition for the music faculty.

Intermediate and Advanced Music Ensembles

These courses provide opportunities for more experienced musicians (including upper division students) to participate in ensembles and further develop their skills and knowledge.

In addition to preparing public performances, students at this level will do activities such as leading rehearsals and preparing program notes. As above, these courses may be repeated for credit. Audition and Instructor consent are required for all of these courses.