University Writing Center

The University Writing Center provides a range of services to students, from workshops on all aspects of writing to individualized tutoring. We also offer appointments for faculty members working on their writing projects. Students may drop in for tutoring, or they may schedule an appointment with one of the tutors using our online appointment system. Faculty members should contact the Center’s Director or the Director’s Assistant to make appointments. Workshops are announced in advance, and students may sign up on a first-come, first-served basis.

For tutoring sessions, the Center requests that students bring a copy of their writing assignment along with a draft of their paper.

A tutor will go over the assignment and look at the draft and help the student by offering suggestions for revision. Note that tutors do not edit or correct student papers. Instead, they ask questions that help students discover on their own how to make a paper better or they point out common mistakes that need to be corrected.

Most of the Center’s writing tutors have master’s degrees and are experienced teachers. The Center also employs a select group of Writing Center Fellows. Writing Center Fellows are peer tutors who have been nominated by faculty members for their proficiency in writing and working with students.

For more information about the University Writing Center, call 949-480-4060.