Applying for Graduate Admission

The Graduate School of Soka University of America seeks to admit qualified students to the Master of Arts in Educational Leadership and Societal Change program. Various factors are considered in the admissions decision, including academic readiness, motivation, prior academic training and performance. Non-academic experiences are relevant in evaluating motivation and readiness for graduate study.

Applicants may apply online by visiting Soka University of America’s online application

In addition to the application form, students must complete the required application checklist materials. 

Applicants are responsible for managing their checklist and ensuring the Office of Graduate Admission receives their required documents by the deadline. Applicants who submit their application can manage their requirements by accessing their GoSoka! Account at

Faxed, scanned, emailed and late application materials will not be accepted.  

All required checklist materials must be received by the Office of Graduate Admission by the listed deadline(s) to be considered by the admission committee.