2023-24 Cost of Attendance




Room & Board*


Books & Supplies




Miscellaneous Personal Expenses***




All undergraduate students are required to live on-campus. Exceptions are made for students requesting to live off-campus and the off-campus cost of attendance can be provided upon request.

Direct costs are charges paid directly to the University which include tuition, room & board, and health insurance for a total of $50,600. Students who are eligible to waive the health insurance fee will have a direct cost of $48,274.

Indirect costs include books & supplies, transportation, and personal expenses and are not paid directly to the university. Indirect expenses may vary per student, up to the total cost stated above.

**Students who believe they have transportation expenses that exceed the budget allocation should contact the Office of Financial Aid to evaluate their options.

***An estimated health insurance fee of $2,326 (based on 2022-2023 figures) is embedded within the “personal expenses” category. This cost can be waived if the student already has their own health insurance, or if the student has coverage under their parents. Students with their own insurance must submit the health insurance waiver form.