Rights and Responsibilities of Students Participating in the Financial Aid Programs

As a recipient of financial aid, there are certain rights and responsibilities of which students should be aware.

The rights and responsibilities of students on financial aid are listed in the following documents:

  1. Soka Loan – Master Promissory Note (MPN) for International students.
  2. Federal Direct Loan – Master Promissory Note (MPN) for Domestic students.

Students have the right to know about the:

  1. Financial aid programs available at SUA.
  2. Application process to be considered for aid.
  3. Criteria used to calculate need.
  4. SUA refund and repayment policy.
  5. Policies surrounding satisfactory academic progress.
  6. The rights and responsibilities of individual programs.

Students are responsible for:

  1. Submitting accurate information and forms by the deadlines to the OFA.
  2. Keeping the OFA and loan servicers informed of any changes in name, address, marital status, financial situation, etc.
  3. Reporting to the OFA any additional assistance from outside sources such as scholarships, loans, and educational benefits.
  4. Notifying the OFA of any enrollment status changes.
  5. Maintaining satisfactory academic progress.
  6. Re-applying for financial aid by March 2nd of each year.