Marijuana and Illegal Drug Policy

Marijuana Policy

As a TITLE IV institution receiving Federal aid, the University must comply with Federal regulations regarding illegal substances.

While California state law permits marijuana possession and use in a private residence (SEC. 4.5. Section 11362.2), Federal regulations classify marijuana as a controlled substance. As such, the University complies with Federal law which prohibits the illegal cultivation, manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession, or use of a controlled substance on campus.

Illegal Drug Policy

No member of the university community shall possess or distribute an illegal drug as defined by federal laws. Such possession, distribution, or use is prohibited in any building or on any property owned or operated by the university. Possession is defined to include any area or property for which the student or employee is responsible.

Because of the considerable health risks involved in drug and alcohol use, resources are available to assist members of the Soka community in dealing with drug and alcohol abuse problems. Individuals interested in using these resources should contact the Student Health Services at (949) 480-4143 or the Student Affairs Office at (949) 480-4130.