Posting on Campus Policy

The following posting procedures must be adhered:

  • All materials to be posted in designated areas in the residence halls, must be approved and stamped by the Residence Hall staff prior to posting.
  • All materials to be posted inside the Dining Hall must be approved and stamped by the Office of Student Activities prior to posting.
  • With the exception of the Dining Hall, no banners, posters or other signage may be attached to any campus door, glass, or windows.
  • Advanced permission from the Office of Student Activities is required prior to attaching posters or other signage to the exterior of any designated building areas.
  • In respect of space, no more than one poster advertising the same item or event is permitted per posting area.
  • Publicity which portrays violence, policy violations, or offensive material is prohibited.
  • It is a violation of policy to deface or destroy posted materials.
  • Groups posting materials are also responsible for removal of dated materials. Posting of flyers (8-1/2” x 11” to 11” x 17”), banners and posters (up to 22” x 34”) are permitted in the following areas only:
    • Residence Halls on designated boards and residence hall elevators;
    • Campus bulletin boards located inside the Dining Hall, outside in the Student Center Courtyard and Library south wing alcove;
    • Dining Hall windows;
    • Student Center and residence hall area outdoor walkways;
    • Student Center wall next to exterior wooden stairs 1st to 2nd floor level

Official student clubs and organizations must contact in advance, the Office of Student Activities for approval of banners.