Academic Standing

Good Standing

A student is considered to be in good standing if he or she has a cumulative 2.0 (C average) grade point average, and at least a 2.0 GPA for the most recently completed session.

Probationary Standing

A student who, at the end of any Fall or Spring session, fails to maintain Good Standing (see above) is considered to have Probationary Standing. A student on probation is not allowed to take more than 4 courses in a semester and may be ineligible for certain extracurricular activities and programs. Academic Coaching through the Student Affairs office is required until a student is no longer on probation.

Academic Dismissal

Academic dismissal means termination of a student’s relationship with the university for unsatisfactory academic performance. The Academic Standards Committee will notify the student in writing.

While a student is on probation, that student is subject to dismissal:

  1. if he or she fails to achieve a session GPA of at least 2.0 while remaining enrolled in at least 12 units throughout the session, or
  2. if he or she fails to achieve a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 by the end of the second session after being placed on probation.

A dismissed student may, within two weeks of notification of dismissal, file a petition with the Academic Standards Committee for a hearing to reverse dismissal and extend probationary status. A dismissed student may not register in courses and is denied all privileges of student status.

A dismissed student who wishes to return to the university must file an application for readmission with the Office of the Registrar. In addition, an application for readmission must give appropriate reasons for reapplication consideration. A dismissed student who has been readmitted is on probation and has to meet specific conditions set by the Academic Standards Committee at the time of readmission. A readmitted student who fails to meet these conditions will be immediately dismissed and may not reapply.