Incomplete Course Work

Students who have fully participated in a course during a particular block or semester and whose current work is of non-failing quality, may petition their instructor to assign an incomplete grade if because of circumstances beyond their control they cannot complete required course work.

To request an Incomplete the student must submit an “Incomplete Grade Request” form found on the Registrar's Portal site. The form must include a letter of explanation, a plan for completing the course requirements, and documentation of the extenuating circumstances.  The form requires the approval of the instructor, who assigns the default grade entered on the student record if the student does not complete the coursework by the deadline. The incomplete form must also be approved by the Dean of Faculty. An incomplete grade not removed by the deadline will result in the assignment of the default grade as submitted by the instructor. The maximum time allowed for an incomplete to be resolved is the beginning of the corresponding session of the following academic year. (Students who received an “I” in Fall session must complete their work before the beginning of the Fall Block of the following academic year; student who received an “I” in the Spring session must complete their work before the beginning of the Winter Block of the following academic year.)

A student may petition the Dean of Faculty for an extension of the Incomplete beyond the deadline originally specified if, because of circumstances beyond their control, they cannot complete the required course work. To be eligible for an extension, the student must:

  1. remain in good academic standing even if grade defaults
  2. have no other outstanding incompletes
  3. submit the petition before the expiration of the Incomplete

A maximum of one additional semester extension may be requested, but the Incomplete cannot be extended beyond the maximum permitted for Incomplete requests.

Students must understand that the reversion to a default grade if the work is not completed, may retroactively impact their GPA and academic standing.