Pass/No Pass Grade Option

Students may elect to take up to 4 courses on a Pass/No Pass grading basis. Students may receive Pass/No Pass grades in courses designated by the University or a specific faculty member. In no case may the total number of regular academic courses in which a student receives a Pass/No Pass exceed four. Grades are then reported in terms of a P (Pass) or NP (No Pass). A student’s work of C- or better is required for a passing grade. Course credit is awarded for a “Pass” and the student’s grade point average is not affected. “No Pass” (NP), however, affects the grade point average.

The following general regulations apply:

  1. The Pass/No Pass option applies to at most four courses.
  2. Music Ensemble courses will not count toward the four-course limit.
  3. Capstone 390 will not count toward the four-course limit.
  4. The Pass/No Pass option must be exercised by the last day to Add/Drop, (see Academic Calendar).
  5. Once chosen, the Pass/No Pass option is not reversible after the add/drop period.
  6. A grade of “NP” is equivalent to an “F” in GPA calculations and in awarding of units.