Double Concentration

Students who wish to complete a Double Concentration must satisfy the conditions and requirements listed below in place of the Concentration requirements detailed in part (3) under “ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS FOR THE BACHELOR OF ARTS DEGREE.”

Declaration of a Double Concentration cannot be submitted until after the successful completion of at least two academic years of instruction (4 academic sessions), with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.8. Double Concentration must be declared no later than the beginning of the student’s last session of attendance.

In order to have the transcript and diploma reflect the Double Concentration, all requirements must be completed in four years (8 academic sessions).

A student who fails to complete the requirement for a double concentration reverts to a single concentration.

For a double concentration in declared concentrations A and B, a student will need to complete 51 units with the following distribution (where C and D designate the two undeclared concentrations):

  1. Capstone project in one of the declared concentrations (9 Units)
  2. Five courses in concentration A (15 Units)
    1. 3 must be upper division (300/400 level)
  3. Five courses in concentration B (15 Units)
    1. 3 must be upper division ( 300/400 level)
  4. One course in concentration C (3 Units)
  5. One course in concentration D (3 Units)
  6. Two concentration electives in any concentration(s) (6 Units)