Withdrawal Policies

Dropping a course

During a block, a student can drop a course with no record of enrollment by the end of the second day of classes. During a semester, a student can drop a course without a record of enrollment by the end of the first week of classes. Non-attendance does not constitute a drop from the course. If a student does not formally drop a course by the required deadline, the student will be responsible for the course, financially and academically.

Withdrawal from a course

Between the 2nd and the 8th week of a semester, a student may, with the permission of his/her advisor, withdraw from a course. A record of enrollment signified by a grade of “W” (withdraw) is recorded on that student’s official transcript. Withdrawal after the 8th week of a semester is not permitted unless there are serious and extenuating circumstances beyond the student’s control. Poor academic performance or lack of attendance are not considered compelling reasons for withdrawal. In most cases, catastrophic withdrawals involve withdrawal from all classes for the term and are not intended to be made more than once during your SUA undergraduate career. A catastrophic withdrawal will require credible documentation, the approval of the student’s Advisor and the Academic Standards Committee, and the Dean of Faculty. A student may petition for a catastrophic withdrawal using the appropriate Registrar’s form found on the SUA Portal (portal.soka.edu). Withdrawal is not permitted in the last week of a class.

Course withdrawals resulting in a load of 11 units or less in a session require a petition to be reclassified as a part-time student (see pg. 140). Course withdrawals during a Block may have a further financial impact if the student then withdraws from the subsequent semester.

Non-attendance does not constitute a withdrawal from a course. Students who do not formally withdraw from a course by the required deadline will be responsible for the course, both financially and academically.

Withdrawal from the University

Students wishing to withdraw from the university, must formally withdraw by completing a withdrawal form available on the SUA Portal (portal.soka.edu) and must obtain the signatures specified on the withdrawal form. In cases of withdrawal for personal reasons, students must make an appointment with their academic advisor and notify the Dean of Students in writing prior to initiating a withdrawal procedure. A student is considered to be in attendance until such notice has been received by the Dean of Students.

A student who simply leaves the university without filing the required withdrawal form is considered to have terminated their enrollment with the university as of the last class attended or the last evidence of academic participation in courses in which they were enrolled. The grade posted will be “W” if enrollment is terminated prior to the withdrawal deadline; otherwise an “F” will be posted.

All financial refunds or obligations are dated from the effective date indicated on the withdrawal form.

Withdrawal from the university will not be granted during the last week of any class.