Grading System

Grades are reported to students in the following terms:

A: Excellent

B: Good

C: Satisfactory

D: Poor

F: Failure

The grades of A, B, and C may be modified by (+) or (-). In addition, the following notations are used:

P: Pass (see pass/no pass grade on page 136). The units will be counted toward the total units required for graduation, but not in computing the grade point average.

NP: No-pass (see pass/no pass grade on page 140). The units will affect the grade point average.

I: “Incomplete” is a notation of incomplete work, which has been postponed for serious reason after consultation with the instructor.

W: “Withdrawal” is a notation used when a student drops a course before the withdrawal deadline. The “W” grade will not calculate in the GPA.

In addition to letter grades, students may request and receive narrative evaluations.