Foreign Language Policies

All students must complete four semesters of foreign language courses in the Language and Culture Program (LCP), and go on a semester of study abroad, in order to graduate. For purposes of this policy, English is not considered a foreign language at SUA.

A student may choose any language offered that does not fall into one or more of the following categories:

  1. A language that is native to the student, defined as the language of his or her country of origin.
  2. A language in which the student has completed high school level coursework in a country where said language is spoken.

These same restrictions apply to students’ choice of study abroad destination.

Placement testing: Students entering SUA wishing to begin language study with a language that they have had any exposure to are required to take a language placement exam, and will enroll in the appropriate level of their chosen foreign language based on the results of this test, an interview with an instructor of the language, and consultation with the LCP Director. Students who place in the 400-level must choose a different foreign language to fulfill SUA’s foreign language requirement. Students deemed “heritage learners,” but who do not meet either of the two criteria above, may choose to pursue more advanced study in their heritage language to fulfill the foreign language requirement.

In those individual cases where this policy does not account for a student’s linguistic or cultural situation, the LCP may review his or her language choice.

Students are free to study more than one language at SUA as long as they complete the 202-level or above in the target language of their study abroad destination, before they begin another language. In addition, students may enroll in upper- division LCP courses taught in any language in which they have demonstrated proficiency.

Foreign language courses that are required for eligibility in the study abroad program may not be taken on a Pass/No Pass basis. Foreign language courses that are not required for study abroad (LCP courses taken as electives, as a concentration requirement, or after returning from study abroad) may be taken on a P/NP basis.