Course Load

The normal course load in a session for a first-year student is 5 courses. For all continuing students, the normal course load for the fall session is 4 courses, and spring session is 5 courses. A full-time student must carry at least 12 units in the session. (A session consists of a block and a semester.) Course withdrawals resulting in a load of 11 units or less in a session require a petition to be reclassified as a part-time student (see above). In the case where a petition is not filed or not approved, the student must either withdraw from the university or take a long-term leave of absence. Students ordinarily register for no more than 4 units in a block and 17 units per semester. Students whose cumulative grade point average is at least a B (3.00) or better at the end of the preceding session may petition their advisor for overload units in a semester. Overload units above 17 may be added only during the established deadlines for add/drop period.