Independent and Special Study

Student communication and interaction in the classroom are highly valued at SUA. A situation may arise, however, in which a student explores subject matter that is not included in the university curriculum, or in which the university’s schedule has not permitted a student to take a needed class. In such cases, a student may request and register for an independent study or a special study course. An independent study course should be requested when a student wishes to study topic not currently offered by the university.

A special study course allows a student with suitable background to satisfy a graduation requirement by taking a course offered by the university, but is not offered in the current schedule of courses. In either case, the student must arrange to take this course with a full-time faculty member who will assist the student in developing an appropriate plan of study.

The following regulations govern independent study and special study courses:

  1. Students of at least sophomore standing whose cumulative grade point average is 3.0 or better may petition for independent study or special study courses. In addition, permission for special study must be obtained from the appropriate academic programs or areas.
  2. No more than four independent study courses can be used to satisfy graduation requirements.
  3. No more than one independent study or special study course per session may be taken.
  4. Independent or special study courses are restricted in satisfying concentration requirements (see elective requirements of the chosen concentration).

To register for an independent study or special study course, students must submit an approved independent study/special study form to the Office of the Registrar by the add/drop deadline.