Students who wish to be considered for readmission to SUA after an absence of three sessions or less must contact the Registrar’s Office to request an Application for Readmission. A readmission fee of $25 and other supporting documents are required with an application. International students must submit their readmission application no later than the end of April if they are looking to be readmitted for the fall, or no later than the end of September if looking to be readmitted for the spring.

Domestic students must submit their readmission application no later than the end of June or the end of November for fall or spring readmission respectively. The Academic Standards Committee reviews all readmission applications. In addition, the Committee may require a medical report and a personal interview.

Students must complete the following steps:

  1. Write a personal letter and include in this letter: 1) a summary of activities since leaving the institution, including employment; 2) reasons for wanting to return; 3) academic goals; and 4) and any other information which may assist the committee in making a decision.
  2. Furnish official transcripts of courses taken since leaving SUA.
  3. Be in good financial status with the university.

Students who arrive at registration time expecting to be readmitted without following the readmission procedure should expect to wait until after registration to have their application considered.

Students wishing to return to SUA after three sessions of absence for any reason, including dismissal, must submit their requests to the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid and follow the required admission process. These students will be subject to current degree requirements.